Sunday, 13 May 2007


Faith in life is a big thing for me.After all,I am human too. For all the lessons about life I thought I had learned, I had to be proved wrong yet another time...
What do you term a person who is a staunch atheist, believes that everything is humanely possible without relying upon any superior power with UTMOST conviction, who sees the world as just another form of art and whose humour is totally contagious? In my case, these are the adjectives that describe a person whom I have come to love and respect as my friend and confess all the disasters i end up in all the time. As a firm believer of the supernatural, it is very interesting to argue with a staunch atheist. I learnt to view life in a more logical manner and never once felt it necessary to become one. For me as a soul,belief in life and myself was restored only because of a supernatural power that I have never seen but felt many times.A strong believer in the karmic theory of life, I wonder what karma my teacher did to have me as his disciple and vice versa! Lessons I learnt after having crossed the first quarter of my life are
  • Never be judgemental,
  • Rely upon yourself first,
  • Learn to forgive,
  • Unless negativities are thrown away, positivities will not have much room to enter,
  • Life is beautiful,
  • There are men around who do not view women as sex objects and who know that breasts are not the only thing in a female body,
  • Believe in love,
  • Sharing your life with the one you love is precious,
  • Being broke is joyous if you have each other,
  • Don't break anyone's heart,
  • Live with dignity and take pride in being yourself,
  • Being a woman is a gift,ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of it...

Its such an irony that most of them were taught to me by him within a span of a few months.I think I'm lucky to have the man I adore and love as my life partner and my teacher. Maybe its a boring read to a strangers eyes but for a shattered soul and a vagabond who found her anchor in the most unexpected friend, it is a blessing in every sense to be able to love life again...

Being Broke

Ever since I was in hostel I don't think there have been those moments of glory where you are so broke financially that you submit yourself to the horrendous task of even enjoying hostel food!As a post grad student in a foreign land, it feels really different to be broke this time...
Not that I am starving and begging for even grub, its just that I have got a really limited number of resources to count on for a while.How did I deal with it in my under grad years and how am I coping with it now???Shame on me when I think of it,for even in the worst of the crisis that I could have faced then,I was never unhappy.Look at what age does to you.....Now that I have a greater list of opportunities to rely upon in the form of self dependence, instead of enjoying this struggle, I am doing one of my favourite things...Yeah,I'm holding God responsible for it :)
Poor God,I can't imagine being in His/Her shoes.My lover,my soulmate and the greatest bundle of joy in my life has been trying to patiently tolerate my temper tantrums and a hell lot of mood swings.I'm just wondering,is age inversely proportional to sanity? I hope not for I can't bear to think of the vast years ahead then!!!