Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Missisipi Masala

As I was watching one of my old favourite films, something in me urged me to write about it today. Missisipi Masala is a film I love for it celebrates love even amidst the ugly realities of life. To be attracted to a darker skinned man is not a big deal yet few of us would readily admit to being with one for the rest of our lives...I'm not biased just because this film had Denzel Washington showing his perfectly chiseled ass off in it although it could contribute a very small bit to it! It is true that when Indians migrate to different countries, they do try and be as much a part of the new cultures as much as their conservative minds can permit. It is also ironical that when their kids take the initiative of standing upto their decisions, they are made to face a lot of opposition. What is it with virginity and Indian parents? One should follow a one partner policy but not because it is supposed to be that way or because that is the only way they have known or seen in life. Ethics and moral values should be preached and inculcated in ones offspring for the correct reasons and not just merely for age old traditions that have been blindly followed. Unless we can even speak our minds without any kind of a fear, how is the pseudo cocoon we live in going to break away???
Walking down the busy streets of Melbourne I see so many faces which have INDIAN literally engraved on them. Since I am also an Indian, many times its just brought me glares from the girls and "why is this girl walking alone" looks from the blokes. If we ourselves get so put off by the appearances of our fellow countrymen, I can't imagine the plight of people from other nations! Then we claim that the fair skinned are racists towards us...Ironical isn't it?

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