Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Meeting the Parents!!!

God!!!!!!!!! I had never imagined me meeting my soulmate's parents for the first time would give a brat like me the jitters of a lifetime! Being a totally independent lass, I had almost forgotten that when you love someone, its ok to relax and be a bit flexible in life... I was soooooo nervous regarding my first meeting with my boyfriend's parents because I am actually head over heels in love with him and to completely love someone also includes having unbiased feelings against his or her family if you have never met them. The meeting was pleasant enough because I thankfully didn't open my yappy mouth a lot and fortunately, I wasn't being X-rayed like an object that could walk and talk. I am not great with my tea skills but on this particular day, I must admit that I ended up in making a black and bitter disaster in the name of tea! My dear mom couldn't help sermonising me on how girls like me who think we are the brand ambassadors of independence bring embarassment to our ownselves when we can't even make a decent cup of tea for the family! I can't imagine the thoughts that must have run through his parents's minds...Nevertheless, they were really kind and gulped it down somehow and were not vocal about how pathetic it probably tasted. Well, it was my nervousness that I can happily put the blame on for now but for how long can I hide under the covers of nervousness? I'm blessed with really kind parents in law who don't judge me for the way I cook because had that been the case, my relation with them would have been very bitter, just the way I cook food :)
Its still very scary to think that at the age of 26, I can make gross blunders with my tongue in nervousness and hands as well. So much for being arrogant enough to think that certain things would never affect me. At times I really wonder if we know ourselves as well as we think we do!!! Still, I think I fared much better than Ben Stiller did for a first meeting with "The Parents"...I hope I am right!!!!!!


Bungi said...

HA HA HA HA!!! This is SO funny!!! You are in India, huh? Call me sometime, ass. Ha ha...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi.A first timer here from Bungi..A month up since your last blog..Hope and wish everything has turnedSeasons greetings and wishing you a Happy New Year
CU out to be good !!