Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pre Marriage Days- Madness, madness and more madness!

Now that I'm finally back to Melbourne, I can finally look back at all the adventures of my most recent trip to India and smile at them. I'm a married girl now and it feels weird only when I think of it! It felt terribly responsible to be a married girl in India and so unreal for me!!! Right from the day I reached India to the day I left it, everyday was an adventure. That's why I've titled this post the way it is. The pre-marriage days were quite an event on their own. Right from eating 'aalu-tikki chaats' to drinking chilled fresh juice in the crowded streets of Delhi and Patiala with my sister and mum it was quite an affair! I got so fed up of being told what was the "latest fashion trend" in India everywhere I went. It also amused me how coolly the salesmen told me that they were showing me the latest product all over India and that these products differed so much within different regions! Chandigarh had a totally different trend from Delhi and Patiala, Delhi was definitely different from anywhere else and Patiala was somehow stuck on the traditional designs which were supposed to be the latest trend all over India :-)
Zooming in crowded places sitting in cycle rickshaws was such fun because the rickshaw drivers just don't seem to care about anyone else on the road... I also got emotionally high by bargaining with a lot of people just for the heck of it, not caring two hoots about whether or not the product was really worth the effort or not! As the days of the marriage drew closer, so did the madness involved in and around it. Suddenly, there was this boom of well wishers who wanted to meet me and tease me in a sheepish manner about my future husband and 'in laws'. While writing the invites along with my dad, I realized how extended my own family was! There was so little time and so much to do! I actually started getting the feeling that this was MY MARRIAGE everyone was talking about when my mom's younger sister and my favorite aunt made the effort of coming to my hometown much well in advance. It was hilarious to see how my mum being the elder one told my aunt literally each and everything to be done forgetting the fact that her younger sister is actually a grandmother! It was definitely a relief for me as I ended up arguing less with my glamorous sister about her forgetting my sense of independence in deciding things for myself! For everything everyone had an excuse that I was unaware of how things are done "here". "Here" was a place I had left just a couple of years ago and honestly when I actually saw how much things had changed, I agreed with the rest of my family on a lot of issues! Each and every item for me was wrapped with so much of love and care and sometimes with mischief for my elder sister is quite a bubbly character unlike me for I'm much more sober and serious natured than her. Watching my dad NOT snore away to glory when everyone else was yawning so widely that one could see their uvula was amazing! Both of my parents got to sleep so little for almost a month and they didn't seem to care that this was physical strain they were subjecting themselves to. Each day, the next day's agenda would be discussed only to be changed due to one of the very important persons in any bride's life-The one and only 'Tailor Madam'. This lady in particular would call me at the wrong hours to discuss things I would just not comprehend and I ended up in visiting her a hell lot of times than planned. The days in between all of this were occupied with certain other visits which were important for all the insignificant reasons! I was so glad when my friends came and met me for at least that felt normal!!! Just a couple of days before the marriage dropped in two special guests from all the way to Chennai and I couldn't believe that my roomie for so many years and my friend for even a lot more years was able to make it for the wedding! It felt like life was back to the good old days when we would catch each other sleeping in positions we never knew the human body was capable of also! Its a pity I didn't physically get to spend much time with my friend but watching her being transformed from a no nonsense person into a lady with make up at the heroic hands of another loving friend of mine was worth every moment I got to see my friends!!! There were some who were so protective of me that they even forgot how nervous I was feeling! On the whole, those days of sheer madness were so awesome that I actually enjoyed each and every incident that occurred including my sweet nephew feeding one of my best buddies a glass of coke and popping paneer pakoras in my mouth every now and then due to the mehndi ladened hands of his masis! Since I have ended up in spending quite a lot of time on this post, I will come back at a later date to sum up the adventure of the 'D-Day'....