Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hypocrisy and the human mind

Why is it that some people are so fake and pretentious that sometimes it becomes so choking for people like me to even glance at them? I have always gotten into trouble for speaking my mind and never has it dissuaded me from continuing to do so! That's partly because I really never cared two hoots about what others thought of me and partly because I have an attitude problem which keeps me away from lying... However, off late, owing to the academic stress I have been subjecting myself to, in addition to losing my mind, I have also learnt many valuable lessons in terms of dealing with individuals. The first and foremost is that I am so glad to have studied in the southern part of India where life is not all about gossiping! Secondly, the world is full of pseudo people....I know it took me a long time to realize that one because I had never communicated much with such people. Thirdly, people will go to any extent to get something done for themselves regardless of the ways they opt for it...
What's so wrong in being yourself? If I don't like someone, its very obvious because I can't have double standards and be nice to someone when actually they make me sick!!! That's the way I have always been and seen the people I have come to admire and understand in life. What I fail to understand is the manner in which people express their dislike about someone and yet are so congenial with them that it makes me wonder the wide possibilities we are capable of living when it comes to being hypocrites. How does it matter to me what you think of me if you are nobody to me but for an acquaintance? My honesty has got me a long way in developing personal and professional relationships and I wonder if I would have ever experienced the goodness I did in life if I lived my life by double standards as well! Having studied in a posh catholic convent did train me how to be a social butterfly when there is need for it but it did little in preparing me to deal with hypocrites in life... College was another experience where life showed me a lot of extremes and fortunately, no hypocrites! I was told a very important thing by one of my dad's very successful and affluent colleagues; in life, it is very important to have friends and even more important to differentiate acquaintances from friends. Colleagues are different from friends.
Honestly, I don't remember a single time when I didn't get into trouble for having spoken my mind yet its because of my honesty that I have been complimented many a times.
My mentor told me its a wicked thing to put someone down when they need you the most but nevertheless a very helpful weapon in letting you get even with the same person for something you feel he/she deserves it. I never really got to practice it, maybe I should do it, especially with the hypocrites I don't like even a wee bit :)

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