Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Mumbai Episode on 26/11

I still remember casually browsing the internet on what was my day off from work when I happened to stumble upon the news that there had been a series of terror attacks on Mumbai on the previous night. Finding myself totally absorbed in the news, I managed to locate a news site which gave me a live picture of how minute by minute the drama unfolded. As I found myself totally disturbed and completely glued to my laptop, I was saddened by what was happening to one of my favourite places in India. Not a staunch patriot, there are very few places that I have fond memories of and am closely attached to. I was saddened by the loss of human lives in the "Worst Attack Ever" in the Indian history. Yet, I knew, as soon as the entire "drama" ended, each and every media channel would portray their innocence and start a blame game. Even with this particular channel that I was following, despite the intense feelings of sorrow, the reporters were being insensitive enough and posing their one favourite question to those affected in any manner and that was HOW ARE YOU FEELING? I felt sorry for those who were being questioned for even in their time of adversity, they were being haunted by such people. Was it an intelligence failure or something else? How does it matter to those who lost their lives and also those who lost their loved ones? People have been dead for no fault of theirs. Is this something new to India? Enough is enough, this is India's 9/11, the captions for this entire episode seem endless. Yet at the end of the day, other than holding drawing room discussions and holding hot debates to increase the number of viewers for one's TV channels, what is really going to happen? Some politicians will resign, others will blame the ones who did not, those who can, will make the most of it by agitating an angered public and offering them verbal support and making them feel that if only you had chosen me, things would have been better. Sadly, the truth is that this vicious circle will not end. In India, I feel almost everything is a farce. I was once a loud voice which boomed out at defending India and its culture and how 'pure', serene and divine it is and has always been. However, ever since I started questioning a lot of things, I have felt sorry for the people being duped there every other day. I have stopped defending India when people criticize it for even today, women are gangraped there, minor girls get married to older men, caste and religion and their complications prevail openly. There are advantages of being in India for sure. The upper class gets to exploit the poverty stricken class and boast of child labour in a silent fashion, if one pays a few extra bucks, whatever you have desired can be done at a much faster pace and to suit your needs. What greater example do I quote of corrutption than the supply of defected bulletproof jackets to the police forces? Sitting in Australia, I am amazed at how Indians choose to blame the white skinned people for racism. What about them? Tamilians don't like Malyalis and vice versa, Gujaratis are thought of as cunning, Bengalis are extremely cunning and selfish, Hindus are against Muslims and vice versa, Sikhs are against Hindus, Muslims and vice versa. Who is the racist here? I am aware of a Sikh child who had to get his hair cut because being based in Delhi-the capital of India, he was mocked at by and ridiculed by other children for the 'ball' on his head. So what does a parent teach their child here? Take it? Answer back and become rebellious? Just keep mum because the so called system doesn't consider this important enough? WHAT??? I want to know that what exactly does the Indian system consider important enough other than what affects their politicians and other members? Does a human life have any value in India regardless of the person's gender or financial status? I doubt it...Would anyone care to enlighten my mind???

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