Friday, 29 May 2009

A Glass of Milk

I have always hated drinking milk and remember pouring it in my garden and getting reprimanded by mum for the same, she never understood why I made such a fuss about JUST A GLASS OF MILK...At times, I would make the effort of going outside the house and pouring it against the outer walls of my home only to realize that the milk deliveryman found it out and told mom again!!! It was never just a glass of mil for me, it was a glass of poison for me because I felt its taste so very disgusting... When I left for hostel, one of the happiest things I told myself was I won't have to drink milk. Nevertheless, mom would patiently ask me to drink "a glass of milk" or at least have some yogurt instead!!! Today I woke up early because I couldn't sleep any longer(just the opposite of my teen years when I could sleep the whole day long in addition to the night) and I was tempted to read up stuff about bones and arthritis on the internet...I realized I am such a high risk patient for almost everything, so much so that I ended up heating a cup of milk in the microwave and drinking it...It was followed by a new resolution of drinking milk daily and I have passed to myself in the hope that I do live up to it. After all its just a glass of milk isn't it :)

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