Sunday, 31 May 2009

Racism and Indians-they go hand in hand

So many feelings against the brutal attacks on Indian students are going through my mind yet I don't know if we are actually aware of what we are talking about. Indians themselves exhibit racism when they are in India. If you are going to deny this, think again, being a Sikh, I know how hard it is to take jokes on my community, racism is region and religion based in India. Tamilians don't think highly of Telugus and Malyalis and vice versa ( this I came to learn after going to the Southern part of India). Also the amount of racism I faced being from the Northern part of India in the Southern part of India was huge. Even then when it comes to blaming others, we Indians will never change. How quick are we to point out certain incidents which have occurred recently. Are we forgetting the embarrassing way so many Indians behave especially on public transport? YACK YACK YACK they go talking in rude,brash words and it sounds so disgusting and for those who can understand the language, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Why can we not inculcate the positive points of the culture we are living in? Most Australians talk politely and do not create a nuisance for their fellow passengers. There are all kinds of people in every society, not every Indian is a pious and well bred person. It is really sad what happened recently but I have been in Australia for nearly three years now and I can barely recall a few incidents where people were rude to me.Yet when I think of my 5 year stay in Chennai, I can recall HEAPS of incidents where I faced racism for being a North Indian. That's why I am asking this to my Indian friends, do we really know what racism is about when we accuse others of it??? There were many Australians who stood by Indians in their protest today, I'm not sure if many Hindus or Sikhs could have done the same for the Muslims in Gujarat after the riots then or Hindus taken a stand for the Sikhs during the 1984 riots. This is how shallow Indians can get and this is what they are proud of...

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