Wednesday, 23 December 2009

After ages

I feel like updating my blog after ages today. A sore rib+a day off+a hot cuppa chai is what would describe my situation today. Do I really care if anyone reads my blog or not?Naah, not really. Sometimes I wonder who reads it other than my loyal friend Bungi.Another year is drawing to an end. One of the most memorable events of my life was to achieve my dream of getting registered as a dentist here! It was a happy year overall in a lot of terms but a lot of incidents occurred which I would love to wipe out for the rest of my life!!!
WORK: Hmmm, now considering work, this is not to defame anyone but some people at work drove me nuts( & they still do) and I feel cheated at their hands. I can take anything but not dishonesty and hypocrisy. So, I have figured a way out which has given me immense peace of mind.
OTHERS: With some other people (who share a personal relation with me) , I have been tried and tested enough. It is time to take a stand for myself because if I don't, NOBODY else will. Do I sound disappointed? Maybe I was a bit but am not anymore. There are some lessons my heart has learnt and they are not to be shared but remembered. I met my sister after a void of 8 years! 8 years does a lot to you, I think I have thought a lot about "what if..." lately but then, I am glad to have made some choices and be where I am today.
A favourite cousin's prayers were answered and she is on the way to motherhood!!!!
A good friend got engaged. A great friend is a judge in the Delhi High Court. A good friend will never change and stop complaining about Australia. A very good friend was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a breaking point in her marriage-NEITHER happened :) A friend who I thought was a very good one did not feel the same way about me.
No grudges, just smiles and frowns as I look back at the year that has gone by. One promise I have made to myself is to be stronger than what I am and stand up for my own self without being dependent on ANYBODY because everyone has biased opinions!!!
Goodbye 2009-A year to always remember and I look forward to 2010-A year of many more hopes and dreams and a lot of joy!!!!

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Bungi said...

He he. So here i am!

Good to see the gist of 2009 for you. I'm tempted to re-blog. I haven't touched mine in ages!!