Friday, 15 January 2010

This one is for your my dear friend...

This one is for you:-
Many unsaid words, many understood feelings, many happy moments and many painful emotions...Have we not been through them as friends??? Crazy acts we did, false hopes we had, accusations we never made, hurt we must have caused, the one thing that never faded though was the idea of you being there my friend... We got married to different people, just to be fair to ourselves and our lives we decided to move on Now when I think back, what did we decide to move on from? Did having each other as friends with whom we could completely be ourselves mean we would be dishonest to our partners? I know it was me who took the decision but today when I look back, I am glad I evolved into this person who can look back and say, I wouldn't need to do that today. I know I did it for my own selfish reasons, to be able to devote myself completely to one person. Yet, never once did I think of what you thought of it...I know you are not insensitive and if I hurt you then, I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did, I am sorry for the insecurities I had about my beloved sweetheart here, I am sorry I thought I will forget. How can you forget one of your best friends? A friend u r proud of? A friend u can hate and love at the same time and yet, who doesn't really care? You can't! At least I couldn't and I do not regret it...

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Disappointed in you

I am so disappointed in you...It just proves I can never COMPLETELY trust you EVER.Thank you for this realization in the New Year. Thank you so much.