Saturday, 14 August 2010

How am I doing with my challenge?

I think I am doing pretty good. I weighed myself recently and was thrilled to see that my weight has dropped to 61.40 kgs and that brought a BROAD smile on my face :) Haven't been able to chant since 2 days but at least the yoga has been uninterrupted so far ! Yay ! I planted 3 different types of seeds in various plants. Only one variety is showing signs of sprouting but my hopes are still on for the other 2 :) Settling down a bit in Townsville but still miss Port Douglas like hell... A funny incident happened recently, I had to get an early morning blood test done since I was supposed to be fasting for it but thinking that Aamir Khan was chatting live, I missed the appointment only to realise after Gill reprimanded me that it was a video recording that was playing :D
So much for my love for Aamir Khan !

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