Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My new 1 month " Look After Myself" Marathon

Starting a marathon about looking after my own self. I know many people think I am very selfish but my own self is what I have always ignored and put as last. So now, I am promising this to myself and putting it down in writing so that I can come to my own page and remind myself of this challenge I have set upon myself (in case I lose vision & track of what I was supposed to do). Things to do everyday (some things r exempted from it) :
* Yoga - For a number of reasons including skin, hair & weight

* Chanting - My own Buddhist pillar of strength

* Eat Healthy - Cut down on sweet things and fried food too( not that I eat heaps but remind myself that it will not do me any good if I get tempted)

* Experiment with seafood at least once a week- This started with yesterday's effort of prawn with couscous

* Feel sexy - Very important since I have totally lost my old self

* Straighten my hair every-time I was wash it

* Read 1 book every week - Have started with the autobiography of Benazir Bhutto

* Remember to water my plants :)

* Maintain a neat house - So far, I am doing fairly well on this account

* Meditate

* Drink my herbs !

If I am able to live through this self created marathon, I will be a totally different person and I think I will like the new me... Everyday for 1 month, I am going to enter how things went for me today....
Good luck Kiki :)

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