Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sex Slavery - A Disturbing Area

I saw an online video on TED about Sex Slavery in India and Sunitha Krishnan who is fighting it. Learning about how young some of the victims are made me weep. My heart goes out to those children who become victims of sexual abuse and rape. Sunitha quoted finding a child whose intestines had fallen out because she had been raped so much and she was just 4 years old. How SICK can some men get in their lives and heads? Reading and hearing about incidents like these makes me wonder is there really a God? If yes, then why are the culprits not caught and get away with these things? What is this obsession with sex and some perverted men that they will go to any extent to satisfy a few moments of lust? In married life also, women are raped and if the husband ever learns that the wife thinks this way, a whole new conflict follows. Why is it so easy for men to get away with raping or sexually violating someone??? It really angers me and I don't know how can I make a difference. I used to think that by openly talking about sexual abuse I was educating some of my male friends. Little did I know that I would be so disappointed on one account by one of them. When I was in India, I had read about foreign nationals who were actually pedophiles coming and pretending to be teachers in India (esp Southern India) and was so disgusted. Since that time which was 6-7 years ago, I have heard innumerable disturbing accounts of child rapes in India being done by Indian men, in many cases, the ones who are known to the victim. Is there any way that I can help other than getting frustrated? I feel so helpless and at this stage, the only way that I can help is by making small financial contributions. Till I know I made a difference to at least 1 life, I will not get peace of mind. Meanwhile, the unrest in my heart continues...

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