Sunday, 17 July 2011

Marriage and hypocrisy

Are we really true to anyone but ourselves? How many things does one hide and twist and turn around for one's own convenience? Must we complicate our lives and live as a married couple? I don't get it when gay & lesbian couples want to get married, for that matter now, I don't even get it when straight couples want to get married ! I have nothing against marriage or the so called sanctity of marriage but I don't see it as something worth what our parents tell us about. When we are growing up (esp. in India) as girls, the importance of the concept of virginity is imbibed in our hearts and lives, yet it is quite futile, for a heart in love will do as it pleases. When we say two people make love, does it matter what religion,caste/creed they are from? Why does it matter so much in marriage then? Can one grow out of love/the feeling of marriage? I feel yes, especially if you think you rushed yourself into it. So many couples cheat on their partners, why then do they still choose to live as per the norms of society as married couples? Why not just walk out of the marriage and save someone else the heartbreak of finding out about cheating? As more and more days pass me by, I find myself strongly opposed to the idea of marriage and a married life. It is ironic that I am married and chose my own partner but what amuses me even more, is that he is opposed to the idea of marriage today in just the same way as I am ! So why is it that our parents lay stress on marriage & being with the one person no matter what? Were they even more confused than us? Or is it the so called stability in life that drives one to a marriage? At this stage in my life, I fail to understand.

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Betsy Grant said...

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