Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Honesty Vs Dishonesty,Fiction Vs Fact?

From the time I remember I started going to school, I remember my parents & teachers lay the importance of being honest in life and how honesty is the real and right thing to do. So much so that I developed into someone with honesty STRONGLY imbibed in my head and heart. Unfortunately though, I thought that others in life would be brought up the same way. I faced a lot of pain and hurt in my life because I believed people for whatever they said, it never occurred to me people were capable of lying and for some, its just a convenient habit. My husband says I'm gullible but I think he is just being polite and not letting me know that I'm an idiot :) So really, what is the point in my highly moral and righteous upbringing where I was told the following, which I would now classify as PURE FICTION:
* In the end, Truth always prevails
* Dishonest people are never successful in life
* The world will respect you if you are honest & lead a life based on good principles
* Everyone supports the right and stands with those taking a stand for justice
* Do not be selfish

* What goes around, comes around
* Be good no matter what happens to you
Now, silly me, I believed the above to the core and the following is what I have experienced in 30 years of my life leading an honest, open and truthful life and this is a list of PURE FACTS ( as per me) in today's world:
* No one gives a shit about whether you are honest or not
* Be honest and you get kicked in the butt & sometimes slapped straight on the face
* There is no end where Truth will prevail, only the strong will prevail whether they are right or not
* Try standing up for yourself and it won't take you long to see that you are all by yourself except for one or two people who are with you for their love for you.
* Selfish people are successful
* What goes around doesn't come around. If this were true, I wouldn't get cheated in life because I have never cheated anyone

Some of the recent events in my life have been a rude wake up call for me and I just feel sad that I cannot change and become a hypocrite and liar. Come to think of it, I would be so unhappy if I could really become that way because I view such people as very shallow & at times I found out the truth about some people in the most hurtful yet unimaginable way. The only consolation I give myself is that it could have been worse and TRY not to trust anyone because NOT everyone is honest.
It saddens me that I was/am friends with some people like that. What sickens me is that those who are successful in their careers are the ones with the most friends. Maybe the most fake friends? Or people who don't really have the guts to be themselves.
All said and done, what have I learned from my recent experience?
Do not trust the Barbie doll: She is a real bitch :)
Do not trust people for what they say unless they are willing to put their shit down in writing.
Note to self: Revisit this page when you go astray and start believing people for what they are :)

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