Friday, 21 September 2012

The Cup of Tea

“No mum!” Beth screamed,” I don’t care what you or dad think because I love him.” With a heavy sigh, Crystal swallowed the silent tears of pain & sorrow. She was not against her daughters love but just wanted to talk. After all Beth was young & 24 & he was 40, divorced twice. She wasn’t being judgemental but feared the worst for Beth. Finally, Beth decided to literally sit down over a cup of tea & talk it over with them. Crystal was excited & she got the best china tea set out so Beth knew how important it was to them. It was 5:00 pm & Beth would be arriving any minute now. Hmm, 6:00 pm, maybe she got stuck at Uni. At 8:00 pm, she tried Beth’s mobile. She got a message saying the number had been disconnected! Fearing the worst, she contacted Beth’s friend only to be told that Beth had walked out on her family for the love of her life. That was 10 years ago; the china had long been broken like Crystal’s spirit. She had aged at least by 20 years. Beth had not made any contact with her in all these years & Crystal would still cry herself to sleep every night thinking of Beth. Her knees hurt now; it was such an effort to get up to even answer the door. She felt weak physically & emotionally. One evening when Crystal was lost in her thoughts & prayers, she was disturbed by a knock on the door. That’s odd when you have a doorbell that works she thought. Gathering all her strength she got up from her chair & opened the door to find Beth with a baby in her arms. “Mum, I left him! Is it too late for that cup of tea?” “Not at all my darling, let me put the kettle on” said Crystal as she hugged Beth with tears streaming down her eyes. Beth was home & it was the best cup of tea they had both enjoyed in a long time. This post holds a special place in my heart

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