Monday, 24 December 2012

Filthy Minds

The recent gang rape in New Delhi is yet another example of how sick and filthy some of the Indian minds are getting. A 23 year old girl(who could have been your or me) was brutally gang raped and attacked in a moving bus. She is struggling for her life in a hospital in Delhi today,has had her intestines removed and is on the ventilator. She is not giving up on her life and the Indian citizens are standing up for her demanding justice. The saddest thing is that the filthy minds are not just the men who raped her but also each of the police officers who are attacking the peaceful protestors with water cannons and tear gas. WHY? That is what I want to know. This ghastly act of gang rapes should have been well addressed when Phoolan Devi chose to seek revenge herself. One would think that the Indian government and the imbecile police(in most parts of India) would have learnt their lesson and have come out with stronger laws and punishment for this heinous act. This never happened and today in 2012,a young educated girl is the victim of the filthiest acts a human can get capable of. The Delhi Police is attacking young girls and women groups who are protesting. Isn't their anger justified? Or should India have easy gun access like the USA so every time a man unzips his pants to rape a girl,she can just shoot at his penis and save herself. Clearly to me a rapists life is not worth living. I don't care what Human Rights Organisations say to that,they need a reality check. Everyone of the Delhi politicians needs a reality check especially the ageing disgracefully Sheila Dixit who is a woman and the CM of Delhi. She is a BIG shame on Delhi for her recent comments on this issue and the Delhi Police is a big joke also. They are paid to provide security to politicians and rich bureaucrats. I am so angered by this recent turn of events because even if I am living in Australia, I am a woman and have been born and brought up in India. I want to extend my support to the protestors-KEEP SPEAKING UP and I pray for the recovery of the brave 23 year old girl who is a fighter and deserves to live as much as the rest of us do. I am attaching the following link to a few pictures of the attitude of the police:

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