Saturday, 1 December 2012

Honour Killings-Whose Honour are they for?

The recent news I read about yet another man losing his life in the name of honour killings has pained me so much. Let me explain the term "Honour Killings" the way I see them- These barbaric killings are done when children bring dishonour to their families by making their own choices about love and life!!! That's it! It thus gives the right to families to not only curb the independence of children but also take their lives away from them or ensure that the rest of their lives are ruined so they live in so called repentance. It is so sad and even though people may think it happens only in countries that are backward, it's victims are also kids who are born to conservative Asian or Middle Eastern parents living in countries like the UK and Canada. Aamir Khan is the only Indian celebrity to have done something to raise this issue in public yet even his efforts weren't enough for this bloke who died. He was on Aamir's show and one would think that such a powerful TV show would perhaps bring the sensitive side out in India but it didn't help. I want to know what gives any of us the right to decide who can and should live and who shouldn't? For all those maniacs out there who think honour is more valuable than life, you deserve to used as guinea pigs for scientific research on insanity.

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