Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Look in the Mirror

It's been over a year since I last made an entry in my blog. Since Dec 2012 so much has happened in my life. I found in Jan 2013 that I was pregnant with my little bundle. Lots has changed. I separated from a man I thought I wouldn't be able to live without, have been blessed with the most beautiful baby girl, relocated twice within 6 months. All this in the hope of some answers and in an effort to do the right thing. Sigh, somewhere amidst all of this and 5 years of married life, I forgot I was an individual too with feelings and ideas of my own. A friend forced me to have a look in the mirror today. I am in shock at the conservative person I see. Living in a foreign land can be hard but it is a bit of an identity crisis too. Yet, it is no excuse for continuing to put myself down by forgetting what I really want to do and forgetting that I am a capable woman. So even if today is not a special day as per the calendar, it is still special for me because today I make these promises to myself: 1) Do not let your culture play mind games with you 2) Stand up for yourself, say no to bullshit and disrespect from anyone 3) You did not commit a crime by going to Geelong, don't get convinced that you did 4) Your daughter needs a strong and level headed mum and not an emotional wreck 5) Take pride in your accomplishments including speaking up against the abuse 6) Writing is therapeutic for yourself, write more regularly. New beginnings from today...

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